National Brain Tumor Society funds grants for both, academic and industry researchers who have promising programs designed to advance potential therapies from research into clinical trial. All funding is open to domestic and international researchers and institutions.


Oligodendrogliomas, while a relatively rare brain tumor whose incidence represents only about 6% of gliomas, are experiencing a diagnosis rate of about 1,150 patients a year, in the United States alone. Initial diagnosis has two peak age ranges, 6-12 years old and 35-44 years old.  However, only about 5% of diagnoses occur in patients 19 years old or younger.

Critical research is required to deliver oligodendroglioma patients with therapies that are more effective, extend their lives, and offer the ability to eradicate or control their tumors indefinitely. These targeted therapies offer great promise against brain tumors.  But in order to make effective targeted therapies a reality against oligodendroglioma it is essential to identify and better understand the molecular drivers of tumor genesis and maintenance, as well as tumor resistance.

To review additional information about oligodendrogliomas, please review our perspectives in research paper, and recent findings on genetic associations of oligodendroglioma development.

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